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Decentre is an online literary journal written, edited, managed, and promoted, by anyone who wants to. For us, reading is key: the point of a journal is to get work read, and everything is subsidiary to that. Decentre gets work read by making it a condition of submitting that one read and assess several other pieces of work. The most popular pieces get assigned other readers, and the most popular of all get published on this site.

Below is a mock-up of what an issue will look like: minimalist and unfussy, with plenty of white space to make reading easier. In this site you can find information about the journal and how it works. If it interests you, sign up for the mailing list and follow us on twitter; if you're really keen, sign up for an upcoming test.


The Sonsdottirians by Arnauld Baxter

Going Touch by Alexis Luna

On Top by Tim Cook