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Submissions Guidelines

If you have any questions about anything here, get in contact at this address.

# We will publish stories and poems. Stories should be between 3 and 5 thousand words, literary fiction (however you understand that). For poems, please send 3 at a time.

# Please follow the guidelines and don't submit essays, thinkpieces (although we'd like to include both of these at a later stage) or anything outside the word limits. Submissions in which it's clear that the submitter doesn't know what they're submitting to will be ignored.

# There are no deadlines until we have enough people to run an issue. Express interest at any time by sending an email, and once we've got enough people (20, initially, for the first micro-issue), we'll get started.

# To express interest, email submissions. Simply say what you're interested in submitting (poems or stories), and you'll be added to the list. No need for bios or list of publications, but please heed our request for people serious about the crafts of writing and generously reading.

# If you end up participating in the first micro-issue, you commit to reading up to 5 other submissions, and in particular to reading 3 in the first 2 weeks after the trial begins, and 1 each subsequent week. You'll read them carefully and fairly, and give them a score out of 20 that you think accurately represents their merit. You'll also write a 1 or 2 sentence factual account of them, and you'll commit to possibly managing some submissions, as detailed in FAQ question 3. Finally, you commit to publicising decentre issue 0 on social media (if you have no social media, tell your friends).

# Anything not covered by these guidelines about the running of the process will either by decided unilaterally by me, or put to a vote of the participants to the trial. Similarly, feel free to email with anything you think should be but isn't on these guidelines.

# We require no exclusive rights (indeed, we encourage against us hosting your work exclusively) to the two most popular stories, but would like indefinite non-exclusive rights to host them.